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Simplify access to health and care information.

The evolution in healthcare communication.

From collections of web links to posters, leaflets, or even events - HealthwaveHub is your all-in-one solution for taking proactive steps to make information easier to access.

With HealthwaveHub, you can effortlessly create and share collections of links, discover new resources, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Plus, our built-in feedback tools empower everyone to be a part of the ongoing conversation.


Collaborate Across Organisations: Leverage our multi-tenant platform to collaborate seamlessly with partners and stakeholders across different organisations.

Effortless Content Creation: Swiftly create and publish collections of resources and custom pages using our intuitive web content editor.

Expand Your Reach: Help more people engage with health and care information through a variety of sharing options designed to suit your needs.

Stay Updated Automatically: Our automated link-checking system ensures your resources are always up to date, eliminating the need for out-of-date directories.

Say goodbye to:

Outdated Directories: No more reliance on central administration for information updates.

Isolated Websites: No more standalone websites with limited collaboration capabilities.

Ineffective Noticeboards: No more boards with limited engagement.

What our Partners are saying

Join the growing movement of change-makers flipping information sharing on its head.

Kassie - Senior Engagement Specialist, Black Country Integrated Care Board

A great hub to host a wide range of resources for not only the Community but all NHS Staff. This hub has been key as being our main resource platform for all of our Cancer information. Being able to share the resources in so many different formats is amazing.

Alexis Farrow, Programme Director, NHS Digital Notts

Healthwave supported us by engaging our population and gathering insights about how they were accessing services. As a result we have been able to promote and share vital resources to help people access digital healthcare.

Stephen Cook, Digital Strategic Programme Manager, Black Country ICB

Working with Healthwave we asked thousands of people, as well as community groups, about how they were using the NHS App. We're using the HealthwaveHub to improve inclusive access to these digital services.