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In partnership with the NHS in Nottinghamshire

Given need for a continuous cycle of engagement and improvement, NHS partners were ready to refresh their strategy.


NHS partners in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire were ready to refresh their strategy - very relevant given the change in the landscape, with Covid and rapid shift to digital.

Our brief was to gather meaningful insights that reflect the whole population in Nottinghamshire about the way they access health services digitally. These wider population insights were needed to feed into the strategy and inform shorter term planning.


Our approach involved the design and delivery of representative behavioural insights surveys, user experience sessions and deep dive qualitative interviews to seek the opinions of a very broad base of consultees about digital health services.

  • Within three months we surveyed over 500 people across Nottinghamshire, engaged with 50 community organisations and interviewed 30 people on the topic of digital access to healthcare services.

  • The project informed future action around strategy design, tailored communications and resources and user experience considerations for NHS healthcare apps.

  • We launched the Digital Carers campaign alongside sharable resources, toolkits, content and a growing community to support the uptake of the NHS App. During the project NHS App registrations increased.

“People power is the driving force behind our transformation. At NHS Digital Notts, we've been pioneering public and patient engagement for some time, ensuring people can access the healthcare services they need as our system evolves.

This is particularly relevant to our patient facing digital services and digital inclusion priorities. Healthwave supported us with our digital strategy refresh by engaging our population and gathering insights about how they were accessing services like the NHS App, which included engaging with seldom heard groups. As a result of the engagement we have been able to promote and share vital resources to help people access digital healthcare, consider literacy and language barriers, provide digital inclusion and social prescribing teams with local and national resources that can be shared and fostered peer support through an online community of digital enablers.

We're proud of this work because it helps us to provide better care for everyone who needs us—and that's what matters most!” Alexis Farrow, Programme Director, Digital Notts