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People Powered Communications and Involvement

Discover how people in your region want to access health information

Communication and involvement is a vital part of healthcare, making sure people get the right information and support they need at the right time.

Many organisations are looking to engage with citizens and colleagues in different ways to effect positive change but don’t know where to start.

Our People Powered workshops provide practical tools and techniques to communicate effectively with those who need it most.

The interactive workshops help you refresh or re-design your communications and involvement strategies to do just that.

Designed to support Communications Directors or those leading on public involvement working in Integrated Care Systems, Boards and Partnerships. We help you co-create actionable strategic communications plans with your population and team.

Start with asking yourself what you want to find out.

Using your own or Healthwave powered engagement research, together with the latest census data, we help you discover how people in your region want to access health information both now and in the future.

We then support you to co-create an action plan based on this research to help shape the integrated care system comms strategy and future roadmap.

Why engage with the population and team to shape a communications strategy?

  • You tell a more compelling narrative both internally and externally.

  • It helps to improve future campaigns, build high-quality content and enhance messaging.

  • Key challenges, solutions and opportunities are identified by the population and team.

  • Key takeaways from the workshop can inform future planning.

  • Narrative from the workshop can support the wider comms strategy.

What our Partners are saying.

Laura Broster, Director of Communications, Black Country Integrated Care Board.

"COVID-19 taught us the importance of effective communication and in the wake of the pandemic we wanted to ensure that health advice and information for local people continued to be relevant and accessible. Working with Healthwave they helped us refresh our communications and involvement strategies. Going directly to our population, they gathered insights around peoples preferred communication choices when engaging with the local healthcare services. This insight will help us to reframe our comms approach, improve future campaigns, build high-quality content and enhance our messaging".

Book a virtual workshop - designed to provide your team with a roadmap for more detailed planning as a result of the adoption of your communications strategy.

Whenever you're ready, there are other ways we can help you:

  1. For healthcare organisations looking to de-risk investment decisions or optimise existing services we provide oven-ready engagement support. Learn more on our services page.
  2. For individuals and teams looking for an affordable way to engage people in your transformation project, in less than an hour, without the procurement hurdles. Access our digital learning tools.
  3. Join the movement. Get tips and tricks on how to engage people in service transformation. Learn how Healthcare providers around the world are innovating when it comes to technology adoption by signing up to our newsletter.